Monday, March 09, 2009

03/07/09 weight train (fitness)

Saturday I decided I'd rather to an hour of weights instead of a 30 min DVD/weights.

(we were like 20 mins into it when my younger (step) brother called wanting our help with moving...) but I still did a whole hour, it was just broken up into parts...booohhh.....but I had to.

  • Stiff legged DL-30lbs x's 12-12-12
  • pil. DB squat- 35lbs x's 12-8-8

this was a superset

  • towel bar row- 40lbs x's 10-10-10-10
  • db upright row- 15lbs x's 8-8-8

this was back and shoulders

  • exercise ball db press- 8lbs x's 12-15-15
  • exercise ball seated lateral rise- 8lbs x's 8-11-11

this was chest and shoulders

  • barbell curl- 20lbs x's 15 (25x 8/20x7
  • skull crushers- 20lbs x's 10-8-10

this was arms