Thursday, February 12, 2009

yarn, water, and wadded up UPS papers.

I feel like a million bucks today. I woke up giddy & hyper....yep. Verbal ticks and all.

I have always struggled with verbal ticks. When in school I'd just not say anything to keep the ticks at bay. Sometimes people thought it strange, but that was better than just breaking out in words/songs...or at least I thought.

it has taken me all these years to embrace my ticks. Yes, there are times I have to literally bite my tongue to keep them from coming out (like in church)...and on days like today there's really no controlling to cover I always tell my children I'm holding 'bathroom concerts' or I have a 'sing everything you say' day. It doesn't help that my youngest son has the same verbal ticks, but I embrace his ticks & hope that someday he sees them as I do.....not a handicap, but it makes us special because we can make up songs about anything...come on..try me. I can do it. There are people that don't "GET" it, and look strange at him, but I don't force my mistakes of keeping silent in school on him. I know how hard it was for me.......and I'm not ashamed, and I don't want him to be, either. Sure, there are times I have to remind him to control it but for the most part we just tick away :o)

yesterday, I made yarn. Well, my wheel did. I am so excited & still in love with my wheel. It's just perfect for my 5'0" frame & I love it! Look for pictures when I have time to post them. NO, it's not as thin as I normally like my yarn, but it's still awesome!

water......gesh. Who knew I could hold so much water. I'm drinking so much water you should be ashamed of me. And I drink sometimes 2 whole Poweraid Zeros. OH MY they are good! If you've never had one, do yourself a solid & get one! They have ZERO ZERO ZERO!!! OHHHHH they are good!

with water comes more bathroom visits. I haven't gone to the restroom so much since I was pregnant. Seriously folks. It's bad.

Both of the packages I sent out (the needles, and the LHOTP swap) were received, and I don't know how either party really felt about them. The LHOTP swap person emailed me & said she was so busy that she hadn't really had time to go thru the whole package but what she saw she liked. I'm trying to remain positive about it...I hope she didn't dislike her package & that she really is busy..but she hasn't been back to ravelry since she received her package or she may be having bad weather...yep. There's many things that could be going on.

so, the confirmation number papers are wadded up & to be thrown away. I will not be giving anything else away, or posting anything for sale, or doing any more swaps. I think I expect too much when I expect a post back to me to let me know it arrived/pics/thank you's on the board & I'm not going to put myself thru that anymore. It hurts my feelings & who needs that?