Sunday, February 22, 2009

great big I?

Sometimes, I think I'm a knitter, but then I do something like frog that sweater I was working on for a month & then sit down the very next day to try & do a test project for someone & can't "grasp" what I'm trying to do & then I start to I a big ol' faker when I say I'm a knitter? Who makes that many mistakes within a week & STILL calls themselves a "KNITTER"? oh I don't know...

in other news....guess what I did today?


yea I did! I can't believe I did them! I did 30, then a few minutes later I did 20, and the rest came when my son challenged me by saying he could do more than me....LOL

I reduced my MACRO's today because it was an "off day", but will be back 100% macros tomorrow.

I recast on the same sweater I messed I crazy? Or am I just in love with the sweater...?

I have also started socks (again) we shall see how it goes.

by the by, my stomach is killing me...LOL