Monday, February 09, 2009

Day 8:Shred DVD

I woke up this AM feeling....lazy. I have no explanation other than I drank a Dr. Pepper yesterday...

I went ahead & gave my 100% doing my workout :o) I feel great!

I'm feeling guilty because of the fact I not only drank a Dr. Pepper, but I gave in to a wee bit of ice cream, and 3 slices of pizza. It's not like I do that every weekend, but when there's family functions I feel like it's okay to treat myself every once in a while. I've already 'cheated' and there's nothing I can do about it but go from today forward. I don't expect a great weigh in this be honest that one day may cost me.......but it hurts to know that I can't have 1 day that I get a 'break' to enjoy food sometimes. But what else can I do? Decide to never take a break ever again....depressing...sure.......worth it....NO DOUBT.