Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day 5:Shred DVD part deux

I will get up in the AM & weigh......... I hate weekly weigh ins......did I ever tell you that? Yet, I desire to do them.........I mean I HAVE to know what I did for the week. We don't have digital scales either, so sometimes seeing any movement down is a good thing, even if it's only (like mine was last week) 3 lbs.

I hate it when I have weeks where I don't lose anything. I feel like I have failed. Yea, yea, I know I know...I know that I'm trying my hardest, but I'm the type of personality I want to "see" results. I know I won't wake up in the AM weighing 115, but is a few lbs. off too much to ask? Especially with how hard I have been working on this program? LOL We shall see.

today, I actually went to a shop & got a haircut. And when I say haircut...I mean it. I feel all clean & all with it being cut. I have gotten several compliments & have been told it 'shows off my cheek bones' (what I still have those???)...if I get brave enough tomorrow, I will show pics...we will see. I guess it depends upon the weigh-in results.

Sore is my new middle name. But each time I feel sore I remind myself that is showing me my body is trying to get stronger with this 'shock' to my system.

Things I've already noticed in myself in just 5 short workout days....

  • I have better balance (even on my ankle I broke last year & couldn't get a cast for), and I already can do the stretches without 'almost' falling. YIPPPEEE me.
  • I care about how clothes look on my body. Instead of just throwing on whatever (without worrying if I even....match...) I want to put on a good 'dressing' for my temple.
  • I didn't throw up with the workout today
  • I am far harder on me that Jillian is on this DVD...I want a no bull crap taking Jillian DVD. Yep. I'd buy that. And work hard too. I'm just that type though...hey, I'm married to a former Marine...I understand that :o) LOL
  • the top of my tummy is just faintly starting the 'slim' at the it's just a wee bit, mind you...just a little.
  • I am far happier. It's true. I haven't had one single 'depressed' day in over a week now.
  • I just feel stronger somehow.
  • I hold myself straighter. Stand up taller.
  • I haven't missed Dr. Peppers. Haven't been tempted. Even turned down a couple.
  • drinking more, more, more water..oh yea!
  • I'm actually able to eat meat better now. I had a hard time before!
  • keeping a food/workout journal has reminded me to eat when I was due to. Believe it or not, I forget to eat. (yea, I forget..)

I will let you all know what my results are tomorrow.


Spider Lady said...

My drill instructors always said "if you puke, you're doing it right" when people would puke during PT (physical training) Gotta admit ~ always felt better and was able to keep going after puking! LOL

K said...

that's so awesome that someone else 'gets' what I mean by that!!! You are SO right, you feel better AFTER, and you can keep crazy is that??? LOL

thank you for the encouragement!