Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 4:Shred DVD

day 4 Shred has left me shaking. Oh my it kicked me today! In order to get results you have to put the effort in there........so I'm trying so hard to make my body a temple to the Lord & it's hard going!

my abs hurt so much that I can't stand to wear blue jean waisted things. Thank the Lord for stretchy. ohhhh my abs........

I have a tiny bruise on each knee where I've been trying to do 'sissy' pushups. Yep. I bruise like a peach & it shows........but I'm working so hard.

Yesterday, my 2nd Jillian DVD arrived & I placed it in the DVD just to check it out. Oh I won't be able to do that one until I build up more core strength, especially in the leg that I broke my ankle last year. oh geesh. That one looks hard.

But, I'm not looking to that DVD until May. I'm doing Shred until then. OHHHH my.

geesh...can I do it?

yes I can! I have to!