Wednesday, February 11, 2009

banana's, Jessica Simpson, and gloomy skies

today, I am off from working out (YIPEE) and I'm awake eating my b'fast of banana, cereal, & milk. Jessica Simpson has just finished singing on the morning show.

I don't know what all the fuss was about her weight. I think she looks great. Stupid Hollywood trying to perpetuate an eating disorder. Poor thing. I feel sorry for her. She kept doing the 'put my hand on my hip to show how thin I am' stance & I wanted to scream! You don't have to do that Jessica. People are going to talk....let 'em talk.

I had never seen her perform before. Wow. She makes some faces. just WOW.

we have ourselves some gloomy skies today. It looks like bad weather may be coming our way. I read that some people had been killed by the storms that are heading our way. Please remember those families today. Of course the storms would be coming on a day that we have no way to go. If storms that are bad enough that we need to leave, I don't know how we will. I just pray this little trailer holds up.......scary sometimes....but what can we do?

a friend of mine lost her Dad last night (early this AM) please remember "L" and her family. This is going to be tough for them, and they need all the prayers for strength they can get.

I hear a cup of coffee calling me. Talk to you all later!