Friday, February 06, 2009

around these parts.

this is my new 'do'. She didn't style it in my favorite part, but I'm still happy to finally have a 'professional' cut. It's SHORT...don't be shocked! I know I spent years growing it out for Locks of Love, but not again (at least not for a while), I'm doing cuts that are more up to date.
bathroom lights do nothing but show off wrinkles...but I don't care. I'm going to be 40, and if you are my age & don't have wrinkles, more power to you.....but for me, my wrinkles are good..they are reminders that I've lived.
I am also noticing that I do indeed still have cheek bones....*grins* told ya I did. Can't wait to get 'em back for realz so I will feel more like me!
I have checked the tracking of my wheel coming to me & it is expected to be delievered today!! yipeee!!!!!!! I can't wait!
now, do I want to work out tomorrow? That would give me 5 full days of working out this I want to? Can I manage it?
stayed tuned!