Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/26 fitness update

today, I did my second day of Banish Fat Boost Metabolism & STILL killed me. But in a good way.

I've had the 'blahs' this week & I know its because of this stupid plateau I've been in for like 3 weeks now. My clothes are getting bigger, but the scale isn't going down & that's just frustrating! I want to see the scales go down.

I know that my MACROS are dead on for what I should be taking in, so I fully expect something good when I step on the scale tomorrow. Or my body will pay for it on the workouts...☺ my workouts have me constantly sore anyway...LOL

some of my frustration comes from my shoes. Being a Mom, and wife, I gladly put myself last on the list & I haven't purchased a good pair of kickers in like 3 or 4 years. I did get a new pair of shoes from my MIL for Christmas, but they can't be worked out in, KWIM? These shoes I'm working out in just keep falling off of me no matter how tight I tie them, and I have bruises on top of my right foot because I keep trying to tie them tighter to keep them on. I have to wear shoes because of the brace I wear on my left ankle *prior injury*.

I got paid $20 for some work I did yesterday & was going to get another pair of cheap shoes, but 3 different stores around here & NOTHING...oh, if you want to wear slip on shoes they have plenty, but want shoes that you can move around in, and forget it. Also, no sports bras.......I didn't even get an idea of a price so I can start saving for a good workout bra because this stupid bra won't stay on me anymore. (I know I should be shrinking with all this getting too big, am I right?) but all they had was girdles....seriously. More girdles than you can possibly wear in every shape form and size...frustration.ihazit.

I'm hoping to have shoes coming to me soon, and now I'm on the lookout for sports bras for me, little ol' me. LOL ☺

a nearby store is having a $5 per bag sale & I'm going there this afternoon to try & get the kids some new used clothes. Supergirl needs more bluejeans and Wonderboy needs some too because he's growing like a weed. Did I tell you in just the period of a week he got taller than me? Yep. I'm officially the shortest one in the house and all of my children have outgrown me. (I've been told that my oldest 2 children are 5'8" and 5'2", and my Supergirl is 5'5" and my Wonderboy is 5'1", and here I am at 5'0" ☺. How cute are they?! I'm praying to find some good church clothes for Supergirl because she needs them so badly, we just bought her a couple of dresses from Wally world, when we bought Wonderboy his 2 new outfits, but they are young, they need different choices...oh how well I remember......but we shall see how it goes, hopefully not like yesterday.

I am just slap give out. I can tell it's Thursday.

here's a poor quality video from my dying camera. 15 mins after the workout...I wish it were better quality so that you could tell how much that DVD killed me...LOL. I was so winded I told the wrong day. LOL ☺☺☺ but just know it was today, not yesterday.


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