Wednesday, January 14, 2009

when I think about where God has brought me from, what He has brought me thru.

I am probably one of the most blessed people in the world.

I say that without bragging, and without hesitation.

who would have thought that this frizzy headed gal from the small town (if you can call it that) of Macedonia, Alabama, would be HERE? Certainly not me, and I'm sure there is more than one other person that is as surprised as I am that I am who I now am.

I have been told that when you share your testimony, or telling of God's blessings, that you don't go back to the start every time, but share more recent.......but how can you truly understand where I am now, if you didn't/don't know where I've come from...really?

I was a sickly child. I spent a good bit of my childhood in hospitals, and have had constant battles with an eating disorder my whole life. Several points in my life I've been to the point that I was near starved to death because of my eating disorder.

coming from a less that perfect home, I say that I'm a grown up survivor of abuse. I won't go into details, because those things made me who I am now...but I will say if it wasn't for God I would have died a long time ago.

I was a terrible person. I did terrible things. I lied, I plotted, and tried to get something for nothing way back when.......and I did the worst I could to myself because I honestly felt like that's all I deserved......I was garbage in my eyes and I deserved little better than what I was.

I was not the ideal person to have children. God knew what I would become & He had more faith in me than even my own family did when I had Supergirl & Wonderboy. They are living proof that you can survive with your heart beating outside of your chest because BOY do they have my heart!

I'm with my children 24/7. AND I LOVE IT. I never thought I'd be one of those Moms that homeschooled, yet here I am having the time of my life! It just goes to show you what God can do with hearts.

when I met my groom he saved my life. He was determined to prove to me that I was someone, and something, afterall. He loves me like I'm unbroken and is one of the most HONORABLE men I've ever had the blessing to know.....and he's my mate for life. I am so blessed.

I have gone from being that scared little girl that was afraid......truly now I'm standing here brave and strong.....and a living testimony that bad cycles can be broken.....and it's all because of Jesus.

I'm also a living testimony that Jesus was right when He told the woman at the well about not thirsting anymore...and I'm a living testimony that you can ALWAYS become that person you wanted to become before this world destroyed your dreams.......God can give them back to you again.....even better than before. I'm also testimony that sometimes Jesus says NO. There have been countless things that I know the answer has been NO, but I just as sure know there is a reason for them.....I may not know them now, but someday I will.

I could be in my home forever. I could live with my children forever. I love my children more than the air I breathe & there aren't words to describe how much they mean to me. I just look at them and become overcome. To know that God loved me so much to have this faith in me to give them to me to raise...oh man. It's just big as the world to me.....all the way to the sky and back.

the 3 other people that live in my home (my groom and my 2 children) make my world go around. Just seeing their faces gives me such happiness. I am.truly.happy. And it's because of Jesus............thank you God.

there's a gospel song that is one of my 'anthems' describes how I feel so well......I, too, searched and couldn't find lifes meaning and happiness until Jesus set me free.....

I hope you enjoy it.

Jesus I love YOU SO MUCH! thank you for my life!


Painter Pack said...

Praise God! I happened upon your blog and was trying to find something about a dog...and I read this. Your testimony sounds a lot like mine...and yes, through the grace of Jesus, I am still standing and forever thankful to our heavenly Father. Would love to get to know you better.

Your sister in Christ,