Friday, January 09, 2009

what my children have taught me (some of them anyway)

when you make the decision to homeschool, it's not one taken lightly, nor is it something to do without praying, and talking, and planning before taking that huge step to not only be a parent to children, but also be their only source of education. For me that was huge.

my children attended public school their whole educational life & I knew that they would have PS (public school) to compare our school with, and that made me a little nervous too :o). But, I have always been of the belief that where God guides, He we started our little academy.

since that time, just over a year ago, I could spend all day telling you what we've all learned about the's hard to pick just a few to post here....but here it goes

  • it's okay to forget a letter in a word, as long as you go back & spell it right.
  • being brave and strong go right along with being understanding and co-operative.
  • tooth paste can not be put back into the tube once it's been taken out (at least not easily).
  • Mom is a hard teacher.
  • Dad is a hard math teacher.
  • being discouraged is to be immediately met with hugs.
  • being short tempered & sharp tongued is immediately to be met with a lesson to teach one better the next time, if Mom waits, she forgets. (lol).
  • cursive is sometimes over-rated.
  • sometimes shoes just don't fit.
  • it's okay to go to school in PJ's.
  • it's okay to have breakfast for supper sometimes.
  • that life's best lessons do indeed happen at our kitchen table.
  • a smiling child cures a comedy of errors on Mom's part.
  • it's okay to get lost. Just as long as you don't stay that way.
  • a ride to the store to get a can coke sometimes is the only way to start the day out right.
  • hiding in the utility room & yelling "BOO!" gets a housefull of laughs every time.
  • children are pure love until they are taught otherwise.
  • the only thing you are born knowing how to do is use the rest room & complain.
  • being a parent of teens is tough.
  • but at least changing diapers, bottles, pottie training, and colic is no longer an issue.
  • the most scared you can be is seeing your child get into a car with friends & go...without you.
  • life is scary.
  • being in time out sometimes stops the grumpies.
  • amusement park rides can sometimes make you sick...but it's still alot of fun to go.
  • children make a mess, but try just as hard to clean it up if you let them try.
  • the sound of voices in my home happen to be the best sound in the world.
  • a day without laughter IS truly wasted.

these are just a few examples :o) Thank you children for teaching me as I was teaching you.