Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rebecca Long (rainydaygreen)

the above is a PDF of the court files I could find today.

Father denies knowing girl was locked up for long periods by her step Mother (Rebecca Long)

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horrendous parents

John Earl Pomeroy and Rebecca Arwen Long, holding hands, attend an arraignment hearing on criminal mistreatement charges.

Court web site states the following:
Hearing Continued: Unspecified
Judge Cheryl Carey,
Dept 2 01-06-2009
So, it appears postponed again until January 6, 2009. They’re going to drag this out as long as possible no doubt for a variety of reasons no doubt such as letting it fade from public scrutiny, making it difficult to remember things that happened.

Another postponement. Next hearing scheduled for February 3rd. I knew she’d have a good lawyer. Postpone, postpone, postpone until it slips from people’s memories and the girl looks normal. She’ll be an adult by the time this gets to trial.
starvation of daughter by Dad and step Mom top story, several links there.

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