Monday, January 12, 2009

this month is my b'day month...and.......

I am turning 39 on the 22nd and God has already been giving me b'day presents. He is blessing me beyond measure!!

for one thing, Thanks to my gal pal Elle, the 2 red dots are GONE!!! *grins*...then all of my jobs that I've completed have either paid me, or the bartered items are on their way, or the checks are in the mail....not half bad for Kimmie.

I have tried more than once to save for my first spinning wheel, and something always happens...I end up needing to use my money for something else & I start the saving all over again....*sob* but so is the life of being Mom and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. A short time ago I started putting pennies, nickles, dimes, whatever I could put in my 'wheel savings' to try & get the money saved...and Lord willing I will be able to get my first wheel soon! *LORD WILLING* I am so excited!

I was given strict orders by my groom that he would be angry if I spent any of my b'day money on bills, etc. because he said "its just not fair you don't ever get anything, Kimberly"...<---he's a keeper for so many reasons!

I do think that I will take the 4 of us out to eat with some of my b'day money. We NEVER hardly ever get to go out to eat, and it would be so much fun to get 'dressed nice' and go out to eat......who knows I may take us all to a movie too! What a wonderful way to spend my b'day money :o) Recon that would 'get past him'? LOL LOL

when our tax refund comes in 90% of it will be going to pay bills. It's sad, but when things are tight its just better to pay the rent in advance for the year, and insurance, etc....better to be safe than sorry we always say...but we are going to do one fun thing for Supergirl & Wonderboy......we are getting them a Wii.......LORD WILLING. We went to a friends home Saturday & they just enjoyed it so much that my groom said that would be a good family investment for the year since we probably won't be able to budget for movies and such for the year.....they will be so surprised!

it will be so good to be able to give the Lord His part of the refund, etc. God is so good to us, there's no way to out give God :o) I can't wait to say "thank you!" with our donation. We don't get to give a whole lot thru the year, but it's going to be so wonderful to be able to do so when our refund comes in, KWIM?