Saturday, January 10, 2009

how's this for funny?

I've been running around like a madwoman trying to get all of my contracted jobs finished to bring in a little extra cash, (and items that were bartered)......

one of the jobs is hand-painting 25 skeins of yarn for someone. I worked on it yesterday & they are drying after their first 'dip' (they will need to be dipped again)....but theres a funny thing about the color wheel.....*for example* you mix red & green & you get this shade of brown....a lovely shade of brown......

I was mixing said colors & unknown to me it not only got on my hands (which I'm use to and should use gloves, but can't stand wearing them), but it also got on my face. Just the red. And just 2 dots.

these 2 dots happen to be one on each side of my mouth, just below my bottom lip. I look like some kind of mad dollmaker or something.

what makes it so bad is I never look at myself, so I didn't know I had these marks until taking a bath last evening. AFTER I had gone to the store, and wonder the cashier was looking at me like I had eaten Bambi's Mom. I do look strange.

I've tried getting these dots off, to no avail. I've scrubbed....and scrubbed.....and scrubbed.

want to know what makes this EXTRA funny?

we are due to go hang out with some church friends this afternoon. Can you imagine what they are going to think? LOL

and then there's church tomorrow, and singing tomorrow night.....what a funny sight I will be.


Elle said...


Try acetone or nail polish remover. It's very drying to your skin, but it should take it right off. Be sure to moisturize after too, or you'll be walking around with dry, chapped skin spots instead of red dots. :o)

K said...

WORKED LIKE A CHARM! You are wise my friend!! Thanks!!!!!