Tuesday, January 06, 2009

in this life I am so blessed.

we will be returning to our homeschooling schedule very soon, and it's been fun to be off from 'work'. The children have really enjoyed it, and I can't believe I will have high schoolers next year. Where does the time go?

As you may have noticed, I've had a lot of business opportunities with my Flat-footed Designs© with my web work and with my hand painted yarns.

This has resulted in happiness in our home because of not only the money that is going to trickle in, but because of the other things that come with that hard work. I will get fiber and yarn. I could never afford to buy this out right because our finances will not allow it. God is so good to me. I have over a pound of fiber coming from one of the jobs I did!!!!!! A pound!

I have told the children that the work I have done that I'm getting cash for the cash will go for fun/needed things for them :o) Super Girl has chosen a 'purity' ring she likes and Wonderboy has chosen a game he wants. My groom says he just wants 'protein' for his shakes he drinks. Not half bad for the Storey clan, if you ask me. :o)

Someone contacted me to dye a sweaters worth of yarn for them, and the money I'm getting from that is going towards my 'spinning wheel' fund. I don't know how long it will get to stay there (depends on our bills this next month...if one comes in we can't cover any other way it will be used for that instead...it's only fair....we can't be selfish, now can we?)

I probably have the best in-laws in the world. Did I ever tell you that? My MIL is the closest thing I have to a Mom with mine being gone, and she is just the most awesome person. She is warm, and fuzzy, and loving, just what you pray for when you pray for one...my step FIL is so funny, y'all. I try all the time to get him to tell me about the Masons, but he won't. Not even if I dress like a guy. I will never know...le sigh. *grins*

we went to visit them recently & we had them to come out to visit us just before Christmas. They were kind enough to at least *act* like they like the things I made them for Christmas...even my grooms aunt *seemed* to like what I made her.....what happened with my own family? Why not just act like you like something even if you don't? Especially when someone worked as hard to make them as it was obvious I did? I don't know what is up with them....my Dad still has the quilt I made him & the shawl I made my step Mom in a box in his closed off room & I joke all the time that I'm taking them when I next visit (I joke my groom, not my Dad).....and in all honesty, I can't wait to get away from Alabama. I'm sick and tired of being here and I don't even want to go into all the details, but just take it for what it's worth when I say I need to be away from here, we all need to be away from this place.......maybe my family (my Dad, my brother) will miss me/want me/need me then? Or at the very least I will be so busy I won't care as much?

I started a new knitting project (yes this one is for me...no more projects for others), it is a lace shawl that I'm going to use at church.....(it's triangle shape this time)....and I'm in no hurry to get it done.

well, I'm off to cook supper....anyone want pork chops for supper? LOL