Monday, December 29, 2008

way more than 15 mins of spinning today

wow......I can't believe I've made 'yarn' this thin! It's getting there!

can you tell the difference between the 'yarn' on the left that I was doing to the 'yarn' on the right I've spun today? I GOT IT!

ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present what I think is very close to being yarn!


Elle said...

Woot! :o)

But you're still coming over for lunch and spinning right? At the very least we can act all silly and be two girly-girls for a few minutes.

K said...

OH gosh girl yes!!!!!!! I am looking so forward to it! You don't even know!

It was your suggestion of the 'shaft' part of the spindle that made it click for me & I need the 'buddy' time too!