Sunday, December 07, 2008

today at church

we had just the most lovely service today! Our pastor is one of my favorites that I have ever heard & I am thankful that we go to the same church as he does. I am thankful that the Lord has led us there, and that the Lord can be felt all over the place!

the pastors wife gave everyone an ornament for their tree. It's the most lovely little thing! It's a church & we've already hung it on the tree here at home :) We just love our little church! They are the most considerate (not because of the gift, but I mean when you need a friend they are there).

the Lord has provided for us to be able to get meds for Travis! I am so thankful that is one less thing on our list of 'to-dos'. Some of my Christmas money is going to be saved to finish my LHOTP swap & mailing of it (in Feb) and I'm excited about that. I'd rather save it a little at a time & make sure it goes out on time :). 20 bucks (+/-) an't half bad, KWIM?

we are also going to be able to put more prezzies for the kiddos under the tree. YIPPEE! We are waiting until closer to time to make sure that the unemployment check comes it (just in case it doesn't we can pay it from that).....bills have to be paid first (fun comes later). :)

we've just returned from buying groceries & I have a FULL tummy! We are all stuffed! I love after church meals because they seem to fill your belly after having your heart filled with the Spirit at church. Well rounded and all :)

I was feeling a little down & was so low but the Lord heard my plea & has answered them and has taken care of so much we were praying about. I must learn to zip the lip & not worry, and rely upon him (because when I post sometimes I'm sure I sounded 'down' and that has led to judgment of me)...but that's okay

I love Sundays don't you?