Sunday, December 07, 2008

LHOTP swap

Little House on the Prairie Swap
(not due until February)
Eventhough it's still a while until this swap is even due in, I have already gotten things to go to my spoilee......*grins* Supergirl & I went to a craft sale yesterday & I purchased a couple of things to go into that swap already :)
I don't have the name of my spoilee, and I can't wait to have their name so that I can 'stalk' them & learn more about them so that I can get their box just right. My last spoilee didn't post much and we all know how that went.........(if you've read those posts).....
I'm addicted to swaps.......I think it's awesome that you can spend (the preset amount) and even go over (your choice, not required), and then you get a package awesome is that??? For someone that doesn't get presents too's an awesome thing :)
I always loved LHOTP! When I was younger I wore my hair in braids because I was more like half pint and less like brother was Mary.......he was the 'pretty one'.....KWIM?
I already have so many ideas as to what to put in my box to my spoilee! I am just excited to get their 'wish list' and I hope it's someone that posts a lot so that I can know more about what they'd like instead of an educated guess............LOL........
so, spoilee look for messages to tease you in the future :)
for my spoiler....look for messages to you too!
look for the tags LHOTP, spoiler2, spoilee2 to find these:)