Wednesday, December 03, 2008

something has happened to me. :/

I am almost ashamed to admit this......

I am just almost to the point of hating quilting by hand. YEP. I said it. I embarrass my ancestors & tell you all that I loathe the art of hand quilting now.

what to do???? This is something that has been passed down for GENERATIONS! And I've fallen out of love with it. Sure, I can machine quilt, but that's not really the same thing, is it??? Or is it?

I don't know. I just know I have 3 boxes of scrap material and 2 quilt tops to figure out what to do with. My groom says it has to go.

After I finish up Dads quilt, I am going to try to squeeze one more quilt out before I put it away for now. Maybe if I can ever afford real material & not use scraps I may like it more....but I am just so bored with it I can't stand it........promise me you won't tell Granny? LOL

tomorrow, after our day has been done I'm going to spin :) Or at least try to! I am limiting my spinning because I want it to last!

and I'm going to dye some yarn I have in hopes I can sell some of it to make Christmas money for the kiddos prezzies :) Who knows, it can't hurt, right?


Anonymous said...

Want to say hi, found you through ravelry and just wanted to say, hang in there and I think it's just fine to do quilting by machine. Why not?? it's the love and the work you put in to it that counts and if you don't like the hand work just don't and make it like-able again for yourself. Quilting, sewing and knitting and spinning must be fun to do it's a hobby not a duty :o) my two cents and just hoping to get your quilting spirit up ;o)
Take care

Kimbo said...

ohhhh thank you so much, Valeria!!!

I am tickled to death to hear from you! :)

be sure to add me as a friend on Ravelry! :)

thank you sooooooooo!!!