Wednesday, December 17, 2008

of chest colds and ramblings

my Groom finally got thru to someone at the umemployment office to ask them about how much longer it would be w/o funds for his unemployment......they said probably 2 or 3 more......weeks that is.......

if it werent for God, we'd be sunk for sure. God is very good to us. We've used our Christmas money very wisely & have stretched $500 like there's no tomorrow!! Thank God neither one of us are big spenders!

we sat the children down & told them that part of their Christmas was going to have to wait until that comes in. Of course they totally understood. :) Supergirl said she is looking forward to going to get some more clothes whenever we can afford it......Wonderboy said he didn't need any, but Supergirl insists that she looks for him too..........(LOL)

We rent & our landlord has been very understanding about us making partials, or waiting on our rent. Thank you LORD for that! I will be so glad when things improve to where we won't feel nervous about what's going on. My groom says it's an exercise in patience for the both of us :)

I have a chest cold. I have been feeling sickly since we came back from Savannah. It's been a slow one coming, but it's here......and it's going to be say the least. At least my groom will be here when he's not in college to help me with the kids so I can take medicine. If I take anything it makes me so sleepy that I don't trust myself to take anything without him here.....sure, they are 13 and 14, but they don't need to be 'alone' like that, KWIM?

my children are my life. They are my total reason for being! They are such good children & they love to go to church, and do their hardest to mind. They don't always get along (they bicker sometimes) but they are such a blessing to me. If it weren't for them I'd be so depressed right now I don't know what I'd do. But when I look in their eyes & see their pure joy at life in general, it's contagious it makes me see the pure joy in life too! My daughter has gone from the 'I dislike the whole world' that she was in for a couple of years to being my constant riding companion. If Momma goes she goes with. She is my helper...whatever I need she wants to help. My son is my constant 'guard'.....if my groom isn't here he is all protective of me like you wouldn't believe....when we go to the store I don't get to carry bags son carries them......he opens my doors & much a blessing are these 2 babies of mine!!!!!

no matter how sad things may look, God has it under control, and there's miracles EVERYWHERE if we'd only take the time to I love Jesus. Thank you for my life, for my family....I am cared about & loved, and I care about others and love......does it get any better than this????

doubt it!