Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mock me much?

I don't judge anyone (or I try not to) whenever they tell me they do/don't do something because of their religious views....apparently, this is not the case for the new landlord.

there was a knock at the door
I answered
these 2 strange men were standing there...apparently 1 of them is the new landlord (my groom has met him, I haven't), he wanted to come in, and the other guy too because of insurance stuff...

I asked him could this not wait until my groom came in from college? I explained how my religious views, as a married woman I am expected to be above reproach and I make an effort to make sure I am never alone with a man that is not a relative. ( I haven't been alone with anyone of the male gender in years).....I take this very serious. I don't do it. I don't want there to be room for anyone to talk & in all honesty it's just creepy that this guy & his insurance guy wanted to come in KNOWING my groom was gone.

the new landlord was very irate with me & kept belittling me (by saying things like he doesn't want to scare such a mocking tone...I kept saying I wasn't's my religion)...he threw his hands up in the air & suggested another man that my groom knows that lives here be with them..I told him Lord no, I don't want yet another man in my home with my groom gone....

so, I said for them to come in......but hurry.......they only wanted to know the numbers on this mobile home (why couldn't I have just told them?...they didn't even ask me to look)...and I got them out of here as soon as possible.

this landlord doesn't "get" what I meant. When he was on the way out he 'apologized' for 'scaring me' and I explained NICELY again that he didn't....I'm not scared of men, I stay away from them & am never alone with them.

he mocked me & it's not right....let him go ahead & make fun. My groom appreciates my efforts to be above reproach, and I know God does too..

I just almost feel's just not right to go into a home where a woman & her children are there alone......I don't even allow handymen to come in without my groom here.......but I was 'forced' to let 2 men in today.......they didn't want to wait until he comes home.....

next time I won't be so nice......they will probably hate me for it, but I don't care.