Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas play

our church had our Christmas play last evening, and all the kids did such a great job! With all of the negative reports in papers, and tv, etc. about teens & their problems...these teens are above & beyond the norm, thats for sure. We are blessed to have a church with a very active youth program & the Christmas play was one of the best I have ever seen. (I'm biast)

my Wonderboy was in the youth choir & he did such a great job singing last evening. He told me months ago that he felt led by God to do the choir in the play, and he did it............I am so blessed to have children that love the Lord & want to do His bidding.

Supergirl is so very shy that she didn't participate, but she sat by me just perfectly! She had a great time, and I hope that next year she overcomes her shy-ness to participate with the play....but we shall see.........that's something that is between her & God. I'm just thankful she sits next to me.

after the play we had snacks, and we had a good little crowd there (there were a LOT LOT LOT at the play), and it was good to be in the corner of the fellowship hall. I have anxiety & it's been on overload lately..........but its NOT ABOUT ME.......I swallow my fears and go because it makes my children happy........that's what my life is about.....they make my life worth living....without them I don't know what I'd do.......

my Dad came out yesterday & it's good to see him! He is upset that we are thinking of moving to Savannah, and while he loves me *I KNOW!* he is can tell. I don't know how to ease his mood over this....there's nothing I can do about it until its a for sure we are moving thing & then I will have to go over there extra & try to help him understand.......but there's no need in putting the cart before the horse......we will wait until then to 'face' him about it.

this is our last week of school until '09.....the kiddos have a lot of work to do this week, and we'd better get cracking!

see you on the flip side!