Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas celebration with Granny Tucker.

I may have only known Granny Tucker for 8 years, but she's like my own Granny. She is biologically my grooms Granny, but you can't tell that by the way she treats me *grins*.

she called last night & told us that she wanted us to come to Ryans (a place to eat) that she was hosting a last minute 'get together' with the family & that we 'had' to come. It wasn't going to cost us a thing!

here are a few pictures of our Christmas celebration. Forgive the poor quality, my camera is slowly, surely, and so sadly tearing up on me.......I've had it for 5 years, and I dread it when I no longer have it to use because I've had it so long.....

there were a lot of us there, but no one would sit still long enough to get pics, and I don't like taking pics of people actually 'eating'....
as I've stated before in this blog, I have anxiety problems and a huge problem with crowds. I get sick, and spend the next day or so sick because of the stress on my system. It even effects my heart & causes my chest to hurt..... but this year I've had my 'big girl panties' on all year long....these people that I care so about don't understand why/what it's like to have OCD, or anything like that.....and I'm tired of allowing this to 'handicap' me any futher....
I am not in the pics, I was the picture taker :)
we had a great time!