Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what not to.......errr.......wear?

While looking for patterns to inspire knitting I came across (for lack of better word).

there are so many directions one could take when trying to errr....describe the work...errr...ahhh...sweater?

  • attracts attention & makes certain area seem.....distorted
  • has an array of colors
  • screams LOOK AT ME
  • screams I crafted this myself
  • no one I mean NO ONE will show up at a party with this wouldn't have to worry about someone copying it!
  • it can be used as a rug mug
  • it can also be used as a flotation device
  • it could be used as a man repellant
  • use up all your partial skeins on this one!

there are no describe the feeling I got when I saw this pic. It almost makes me want to knit it & give it to my brothers girlfriend (yep, the one that hates me) to see if she 'acts' like she likes it, or would wear it in front of me that day to 'keep from hurting my feelings' or it that would be the ONE THING that would make her burst & fling things at me like the flying monkeys.....???

I am having to wipe tears from my eyes from seeing this one..there simply ARE truly no words........