Monday, November 17, 2008

the package to my spoilee arrived!

^^^kitty pin cushion!!!^^^

this is what was in my swap on a budget ($20) swap
this is what I sent to Dena
included in the package (in no certain order)
coloring book for the wee one, odds and ends holder, kitty shaped pin cushion, 6 skeins of yarn (3 of them handdyed by me), needle roll, Christmas card, Narnia CD for the wee one, needle point (Christmas) for the wee one, what I think ended up being 3 patterns? may have been 2, 2 recipes, Christmas ball, Disney glass with hand placed designs with 2 napkins, kool-aid & jello for dying the only undyed yarn (the misti alpaca lace), pencils and erasers for the wee one, tea and coco (for the wee one), hand sewn/kitty decorated wine (whatever) bag, lavender spritz, kitty bobble head doll, box of tea, and packs of cookies
I hope you liked it all!!!


KnitWit said...

Yay! I hopped on over here from the SOAB board to check out the pics! Awesome package! =)

Kimbo said...

thank you so much, knitwit! this was my first time swapping there & I was nervous!