Sunday, November 09, 2008

my thumbs!!!!!! and other little crumbs...

it hardly seems fair, gentle readers.......

I sped thru the mittens that I was making for someone & went to do the thumbs & guess what? The thumbs are too tight!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! what is it with me & thumbs? Why is it every pair of mittens I make I do the thumbs too tight? GRRRR. I imagine that I will frog & start the thumbs over.......or I may just donate them to charity because they will fit someone with a smaller hand......I'm not sure what to do.
<<<---picture me kicking myself. I just can't make a good pair of mittens.

I SOOOOOOOOO want to knit a pair (or million) of gloves.....but I can't get my mittens right enough....if I can't get one right, what makes me think I can do five of them (fingers)? I'm just almost frustrated with myself.

I have all but finished my kitted Christmas projects. I am now doing the quilting projects that need to be prezzies. I have 3 quilts to finish up for Christmas, one of them being due on Thanksgiving, and 2 of them being lap quilts, so they should be finished in due time.

yesterday, I went to Grannys & cleaned her house to make it sparkle like a palace! My Granny deserves the best! should have seen us! I've never seen my Granny talk this much, and it's always a good time with the Elva!

she even had dishes that was like 60 years old! They were so delicate looking & when she was showing the dishes to me she said "they don't make dishes like this anymore" and shes right. I haven't seen any dishes like that for sure! She told me stories behind many of the dishes that she they use to give plates out when you purchased gasoline, and how at the S & S Greenstamp Company they use to sell the nicest dishes (and such). I just had the grandest time!!!!!! I love my Granny BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent only 4 hours or so with my Granny, and admittedly I spent a lot of time just sitting and talking. It was so much fun I lost track of time. She even grilled us some burgers & fries.......she even toasts the buns before she gives them to you. It reminded me of when I was like 12 or so & I told her that her burgers were my favorite things in the world! Her burgers are the bomb.....I can't believe how good they are.....I feel like I could eat about a million of 'em......but I always hold myself to one....because I'm a lady & all......*grins*. She is so cute! She always puts the plates on trays (even at the table) here we were in her kitchen, eating.......on trays on the table....LOL.....I had SOOOOOOOOO much fun!

well, I need to finish getting ready for church...... I pray your day is a blessed one!