Friday, November 21, 2008

list of things NOT to do or TO do as a swapee....

a list of things to DO as a swapee.....
1. open the package ASAP
2. take pics if you can...and lots of them!
3. PM, or message, your spoiler/swap partner to let them know personally that you received your package
4. thank them
5. thank them on the 'thread' if there is one
6. celebrate the goody goodness
anymore anyone? message me & I will add them!
a list of things NOT to do as a swapee
1. do not continuously post how badly you want your package to the point it's in every thread
2. do not forget to thank your spoiler/swap partner...they worked hard to put together your package!
3. do not send PM's (messages) complaining about what you always gets back to your spoiler/swap partner
4. do not complain about how your kid was sent something but it wasn't
about them in this swap.
5. do not threaten to PM the mod in charge simply because you didn't like something in that huge box of stuff that you received.
6. do NOT put the yarn that was hand-dyed on your 'gifted/to be traded' stash......someone always points it out to the spoiler/swap partner...and it's especially tacky when it's still an active swap!
7. do not PM your spoilee/swap partner in an effort to try & swap the yarn you got in the swap with yarn your spoiler/swap partner has on hand..especially if you neglected to send a 'thank you' PM to them. That is truly tacky!
any more anyone? message me & I will add them!


Kimbo said...

this is said very tongue in cheek! :)/snark

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I've been lurking in that swap thread and I'm absolutely appalled at what has gone on with your swap partner. She should be ashamed, seriously. She ought to PM Casey and ask to change her user name to Veruca Salt.

Suzette said...

I am seriously speechless. Wow.

Kimbo said...

thanks so much yall!

I guess I'm being especially passive agressive with this one!

I wish I didn't let it bother me, but it does! I guess it's a shortcoming on my part.

Suzette said...

It's hard not to let it bother you, but be careful not to cross the fine line into unwanted draaaamaaaa, that's all. Vent it and then let it go. This is in no way a reflection on you unless you get down to that level, you know?

Hugs to you,


Kimbo said...

very good suggestions!