Friday, November 14, 2008

God is still in the miracle business

if you've never suffered with infertility, you may know loved ones that have. My life has been touched with infertility...not with me, but with some of my lovely lady friends.

my step sister in law struggled with infertility & that is the first time I ever knew anyone first hand that had this........she has given birth once, and they have adopted once, and I learned so much about this from Stephanie, and watching how she handles things like this.

when I started going back to college to get my cosmetology degree, Miranda and I became fast friends. It's been years to pass by, and we are still close....even if it's been a while since we've talked you wouldn't guess it by us when we are talking again. Miranda suffered with infertility & called me long ago & asked me to pray with her about this.......we prayed so many times, and for so long! When she called me & told me she was pregnant with her first child I was estatic!!!! I felt happier than I had felt in a while because of how dear she is to me.....she recently called me to share she was pregnant again!!!!! How her cup does flow over!

the internet is an amazing place, if used in the right way. I met Beth thru an online group (Christian) and I can't tell you how long I've prayed for that sweet friend of mine. She & her hubby had decided to adopt & had started filling out the paperwork, and all..........she called me yesterday & said she was 6 weeks pregnant! Our God is an awesome God! She had such struggles to get to here (it's her story to share, not mine........), but God has been working with that for sure!!!!!! How wonderful is it to see prayers answered! I am so happy! I've been praying for soooooooooooo long for sweet Beth & I'm just over the moon about it!

these 3 women, all touched by infertility in different ways...all having their prayers answered in miracles!!!!!! I tell you, God is STILL in the miracle business!