Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Georgia........Georgia on my mind.

Gentle readers...
I can not express to you all how happy I am to be going to the beautiful Savannah Georgia over our Thanksgiving holiday. We haven't been out there for Thanksgiving for going on 7 years now and it's high time!
my wonderful MIL, and step FIL live in Savannah, Georgia, and I absolutely LOVE that place! I especially love the company! They are awesome!
my Sugar Momma has passed away & Nancy (my MIL) is the closest thing that I have to a Mother, and I'm blessed that she tries so hard to love me & make me feel like I'm apart of the family. She has a soft soothing voice, and is one of the few people in the world that happens to be shorter than I...(LOL)
I am so thankful that my Granny is letting us use her car to go, and that gas has dropped down so that we can afford to go. We are thinking that it will only cost $40 each way to go & I'm sure that my MIL is more than happy to have us there as her Christmas prezzie (LOL)
I need to go, I've got to get away from here. I can feel the walls closing in, and so many things are going wrong, or having hard issues with....and while going away won't make them GO AWAY...I KNOW!, but getting away from this place for a couple of days may breathe in such fresh, new, crisp, clean air that I will be at least a little bit relaxed when we return....ready to face the giants that are in my life right now....it's something that we all need, isn't it? To be able to get fresh perspective and hear the "...it's all going to be okay..." that you get from parents...and it doesn't hurt that my MIL is a sensational cook, either! LOL
I have OCD and also have ADHD....this makes an amazing combination that causes a lot of stresses in my life....I am in prayer always that if not healed from these things that God helps me cope better. For example, I can't stand crowds. I can't breathe whenever I'm in them & I have to fight hard to keep from throwing up. This is one reason I avoid shopping (even if I had the money to go) until absolutely necessary, and why I've tried to keep to myself. It's just too hard & it leaves me reeling for days afterwards.
My MIL has invited me to go shopping with her.....I won't have money to spend, but she wants us to hang out, and she loves to shop. Just thinking about all those people sends me into a trigger cycle that usually ends up in me being just almost rude to get out of going/doing, etc. But, this time I'm not going to flake out. If my MIL (who suffers from MS) wants to go.I'm going to swallow bile if I have to in order to do this for her. I am going to overcome this....so, on Thursday, midnight, please send prayers for me & my little 'scardy cat' issues. I'm going to go..........UNLESS I DON'T......sigh.
on the Mary Jane front:
I have a dear friend on Ravelry that is paying to have an ad put in the paper for her. (thank you!) I have also contacted ALL shelters in Alabama (yes all of them), and have what is hopefully one good lead...I will let you know how that turns out!...I also have contacted the free papers, and the swapper paper so hopefully something will turn up with that. I'm having my Dad keep an eye on our place while we are gone so if Mary Jane comes back or anyone calls about her he will be here (or be available) for her. *grins* Come home my puppy...come home....we love you.....we miss you!
the woman that 'adopted' her has put an ad on craigslist, and has contacted 2 shelters to try & find her.