Friday, October 17, 2008

what to do when you realize all yarnies aren't "good"

she has since made her blog private...she also has had (or has been done for her) her 2 rav profiles deleted. I guess all the pressure was too much. I guess that only goes further to prove how GUILTY she indeed is.

all you need do is go into the main groups on Rav & type in "rainydaygreen" and wa la

there she is.

is this the face of an 'abuser'?

and this story

you can read the full article


Rebecca Long had a long to-do list.

and she was apart of a site that is my online home,

...and I felt like I "knew" her from her posts........and from her blog it makes you feel like she's a "good" person.......and from her posts on ravelry, raindaygreen and
live journal and

she has changed her screen name on Rav to

you'd never guess that she was starving her step certainly can't tell from her pics on her flickr that there was even a hint at a problem.....

you can read this article if you want to know even more details about this person.

On Monday, her stepmother, Rebecca Long, and father, Jon Pomeroy, were charged with criminal mistreatment. When investigators responded to a complaint in August — after a neighbor reported hearing screaming from the house — the girl was 14 years old and weighed 48 pounds.

She suffered dehydration so severe that all of her teeth were rotting, court documents state. It was the worst case of abuse the veteran King County detective assigned to the case had ever seen.

it just turns my tummy to think about what torment this little girl has gone thru. I can't imagine why in the world the "dad"

^^^said "DAD"^^^ the biological Dad of said poor wee one didn't want to stop this abuse & in fact decided to "stay out of it"....

I won't quote exacts of what she/they did because you can read those from the sources...but I am wanting to expose these people for the scum they are, because they have supposedly made bond......this is such a case of abuse that they deserve to be in jail forever because of what they have done.

I can't believe that someone I thought was a "good person" ended up doing this to their own step child. scum.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Kim. The world needs to know what they've done. Personally, I think the Seattle media has done a relaly poor job in getting the word out.

blog owner said...

thanks, anonymous! I am so upset that this isn't getting all the coverage that other cases have (where there was this kind of neglect going on). Makes me wonder if it's because of the fact they had 'money' to start with.