Monday, October 13, 2008

to my spoilee:

I found out your favorite color!!!!!!!!!!

I was _________ some beautiful __________ to your favorite color, _________.

I dropped the _______, and guess what happened? __________ tangled! It was so sad and funny all at the same time.......I wish you had been here so we could have giggled together! :)

I can't wait to mail your package out to you.....I know you've had not the best of years this year (and who really has?) and I want to make you happy :) I hope you like what I'm putting together for you :)

I know that you have children, I so wish I knew their ages, and genders so that I could *maybe* include something small for them.......

I wish I knew more about you! I hope that you post more so that I can get to know more about you so I can make your prezzies all perfect for you!