Thursday, October 09, 2008

a sweater, drop spindle, and goodies.

my, my, my..what could these be?

a dear friend of mine on knew of my plight to try & get some of my things back onto my computer that were lost when it crashed and along with that rescue came the beautiful things you see above! I've never seen such beautiful work on a coaster! Can you believe she can crochet so small like that? That is NEVER being used as a coaster, it's up on my fridge cause it's so pretty! She also sent some stitch markers, and I've never had any of those before like that! Oh, and the buttons she sent! How cute are they???!!

thank you so much friend!!!!!!!

my creation, my sweater, is coming along! I preblocked it before joining, and now I'm doing the lacy edging....

I will post a better pic after I decide if I want to share it with the world.

another dear friend of mine from sent me the following goodies

A DROP SPINDLE AND FIBER!!!!!!! And not only that, she sent enough of them so that my groom & my Supergirl and Wonderboy can learn to spin! They are all so excited!!!!!

how delicious is that???!!!!!!!! Too bad I'm all thumbs when it comes to spinning...*grins* If I knew of someone IRL that did this I'd so watch them & try to learn, but honestly I don't know anyone else that does this, and Lord knows sometimes I'm a hard learner...LOL
oh, and I have just received "the Best of Interweave Knits" book & I'm over the moon! I traded it for my 'bag book' that I've had for over a year & haven't worked a single thing from......Lets face it, I'm addicted to lace......and shawls.....and things like that....LOL
I am so excited to announce that all of my 'trades' have gone out & I am hoping that they are all happy with what I've sent. One of them was a 'in honor of' trade & it was for my Sugar Momma, and I included some towels, and a shawl that I knitted.....*muah* I love you Sugar Momma, and miss you every day!
I am going towards 5 weeks with my ankle and I'm officially of the crutches in the house. My ankle looks like a huge rectangle instead of what an ankle looks like. LOL. It pops...just like my other ankle that I rolled that cart upon about 10 years now thats a wrist, and 2 ankles that pop like crazy........I'm going to sound old early in life....LOL. But thank GOD I'm feeling better :)
my brother hasn't spoken to me in over a year, and while I won't get into the why, I will share that my Dad told me he saw him recently & due to the fact that our cousin Sheila has ALS (making it mean it's inherited in our family) that my brother was concerned & worried about me now....that really irks me. HE isn't speaking to me but he's concerned about me thanks but no thanks...if I'm not good enough to associate with I'm not good enough for you to worry about me. thanks. really.
a friend from has become like a sister to me, and *she knows who she is!* thank you so much for being 'there' for me when the rest of the world seems to forget that there is a person behind our posts.......(((hugs)))

speaking of Sheila......we have at least 100 cards going out to her, and I'm so excited!!!! I have several cards of my own going out to her.....and I'd love to make it 1000 from us all going to her....I know that we can do it!!!! Bless her heart..she's only 51 and she's facing this fatal disease...Lord have mercy on her.

I am so excited about my new goodies that came in the mail.......thank you all my friends! I am expected to get a few more cones from someone, but after that I will rest from the trading in karma swaps & have instead signed up for a 'for realz' swap.....I'm excited to see who I get & how I can get to know them better :) I can't wait for this swap!

oh, and I have 5 quilt tops......count them 5 quilt tops coming from my Granny. A woman that she knows is getting rid of them and would I want them?? SURE!! YIPEEE! They are VINTAGE! And awesome! My Dad said my Granny was in love with one of them, so I'm going to fix that one for her :D Granny totally rocks and she's the best Granny EVER!

I had someone at contact me about my screen name......can you believe it? I Pm'd them back & thanked them for their 'concern' and all.....*grins* but I was a good girl & didn't mention what I thought when I read it. *grins*