Friday, October 10, 2008

Four for Friday

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Q1 - Today: Some people go out of their way to tell everyone they know that today (or pick your day) is their birthday, while others avoid it like a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and wicked bad diarrhea (for example, I once spent an entire with someone and never knew it was his birthday because he never told me). Do you tell people when it's your birthday or do you prefer to keep it to yourself?

answer: Since my Mom passed away, I kinda just let it slip by. It just hurts too much to know that there is no Sugar Momma hugs to be had that day.

Q2 - Keeping Track: How do you keep track of birthdays (, a little black book, good memory, your computer calendar, Facebook, etc.)?

answer: as a rule of thumb, I only keep up with the parents/children/and really close personal friends. If someone mentions a b'day I tell them happy day of course.

Q3 - Celebrating: How do you like to celebrate your own birthday? Do you do anything special for yourself, have a tradition you adhere to, take the day off from work and the rest of the world, etc.?

see answer to #1

Q4 - Change: Some of the kids I grew up with felt cheated by the fact that their birthday was in late-June, July, or August... meaning, they never got to celebrate their birthday in school like all of the kids whose birthdays fell on a school day. If you could change your birthday, would you, and if so, what date would you move it to and why?

answer: yes! I would (have as a child wanted to) change it! When we were growing up, my brother's b'day was in December (8th) and mine is Jan (22) & I can't tell you the 'join' presents we were given, and how many 'happy b'day, this is your Christmas present & your b'day present' we got........LOL.....but now, what does it matter? It's just a day.