Monday, October 20, 2008

Sugar Momma

I miss you more than words can say, Momma. Life hasn't been the same since you earned your wings. I wouldn't take Heaven away from you for one single second..but I miss you so much.

I dream about you all the time, and I hope that you are getting to do all the wonderful things that I dream you are doing!

I know that you know about Shelia, and I know that God will make all things new, in His own way...Please, Sugar Momma, when you talk to Jesus today, will you ask for mercy for my sweet cuz? I know that you two were so close, and I know that you loved her like a daughter, so I know you are probably already talking to Jesus about her, aren't you?

I refuse to think about what the future could hold for all of seems that life is frozen here, in these days up until the anniversary of your death...I can't believe on the 29th it's going to be 3 years.......I haven't had one of your hugs in just over 3 whole years. And man, that's rough.

I love you Momma. And I miss you. I would love to have just one more hug. I sure need one.....I just need to hear your voice one more time, and hear you singing into the breeze...."Amazing sweet the sound".......there are times when I am outside I swear I hear it....when the breeze is blowing like it is today, especially.

Help me know what to do to help Sheila. I feel so helpless. I want to do just the right thing, because of how much she means to me, and how much she meant to you. She reminds me so much of you she should have been yours......Lord knows she looks more like you than anyone else ever I'm so scared for her. Momma. I'm so scared for her. Let me know how to help her now....I've been sending cards, etc. but it doesn't seem like enough.....Lord help.

Sugar Momma......I miss you.