Friday, October 10, 2008

Remembering why we homeschool

these guys......they are my #1 reasons for homeschooling........

these are the sweetest children I have been blessed with in my life!
They try so hard!!!!! I am so blessed :)
I never knew when I first started being Mom that one day it would lead to this the most fullfilling job in the world! A TEACHER! There are those that don't feel that I'm a 'real' teacher, but if they were to spend a week here with me when I'm planning the curriculum, teaching the classes, driving them to try harder.....then they'd take that opinion right back again :D
I have always loved school, always loved the learning aspects of it...I guess that's why I went to college for so long, and enjoyed it so :D........little did I know the real reason I loved school was because God had it in His plan all along that I would be teaching in the worlds best school!
my children started in public school, and my daughter is dyslexic & she has non-specified PDDD, and my son is advanced in his learning. The public school system was the worst thing in the world for them..they wanted to stick my daughter in the 'slow' class & they woudln't allow my son to advance at his own pace.....wrong on both counts!
my groom is so good to me to take such good care of us, and to allow me to homeschool. Sure, we don't have much financially.....our van is old, but paid for PTL!, and I haven't had a new outfit in over 10 years....believe it or not!, but I am happy where I am..and it's all because we homeschool.
Who says that we aren't the best to teach our children? Who decided that? I know I taught my children how to do other things like going pottie and reading.....why not thru school? Why NOT?
it was one of the best decisions we've made..and I thank God I homeschool my children.
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