Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mary Jane (again)

Hello! My name is Mary Jane, and I'm looking for a forever home.

NameGender:Mary Jane/female
we've been told that she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Age: 3 or 4 years of age
Weight: 50(+) lbs
Spay/Neuter? YES! We had her fixed a while ago
area: Henagar Alabama
Mary Jane is a very sweet doggie that has had a rough life. She is fixed & completely house broken, but loves to be in the sun & be allowed to RUN! :-) She loves to have her belly rubbed, and this dog will NOT use the restroom in the house. She will whine to go outside, no matter how bad the weather.
She is VERY afraid of fireworks and guns. We were told that she saw her puppies being shot, and she sure acts like something tramatized her, so we believe it.
recently, a single woman begged us for Mary Jane. She had a huge yard, and a pond for her to play in, and claimed she would give her a forever home. However, 5 weeks later this same woman just DUMPED her in my yard. She gave two old bowls & 2 days worth of food and the leash to my daughter (who had no clue what was going on) and this woman just LEFT her!
I am still trying to heal from a broken ankle that we didn't have enough money to get a cast for, and my husband is on lay-off, we can't afford to keep her....but what else could we do put take her back? She's such a sweet dog! All she needs is a little TLC and a forever home.
We live in a small trailor in a trailor park and it's so confining to Mary Jane. She is the type of dog that would love a big ol' back yard to run in, and tickles and rubs on her belly!
If I were to describe Mary Jane in one word it would be 'silly'. She's just a silly little girl that doesn't realize she's so big. She thinks she can fit in your lap like a little bitty dog, but she can't! LOL
She is so interested in cats. She doesn't hurt them, or anything...but she just stares at them and tries to get them to love her. We have 2 cats and 1 little dog here and she has gotten along with them fine, she just keeps trying to get them to love her.
she understands a few commands, she lovess to 'go' in a ditch. She loves to be walked on a leash and she LOVES to ride.
Mary Jane would make an excellent companion for a single parent family, or a family that has children. She LOVES LOVES LOVES children, especially wee children :)
Mary Jane is protective of her 'grounds'. What I mean by this is that you would have no worries if someone were to try & break in on you after she gets use to her home. She will alert you if any stranger comes in the yard, and if you let her 'know' this stranger is okay, then this stranger is okay with Mary Jane.
Mary Jane doesn't have a vicious bone in her body. I can't say I'd be the same way if I'd been thru the same things she's been thru, but it's not changed her sweet nature at all.
she just needs a forever home.

if you want to know more about Mary Jane, feel free to contact me at
bruisin_raincloud(at)yahoo(dot)com. or, you can read the other blog entries I've made about her to learn more about her tragic story thus far.