Friday, April 03, 2009

yesterday was a busy one!

yesterday, Supergirl & I went visiting.

we went to my Aunt Joyce/cousin Shelias house (remember Uncle Tom Ed passed away recently).......and we took them some bean soup & boost drink especially for Shelia.

the house seemed so empty w/o Tom Ed. He just was larger than life.

Joyce is doing as well as can be expected & Shelia's ALS flare up seems to have calmed down (she's not cured), but she does seem better.

it was bad weather here yesterday, so we weren't able to stay long because we still needed to take my Granny on her errands....

as we were leaving, Aunt Joyce said that Tom Ed wanted her to give us this after he passed away.......

he gave the kids 2 books about loving Jesus....and he gave me his last bag of unopened butterscotch candy......when Joyce gave this to me, I broke down crying....this was so thoughtful because of the deeper meaning behind it (between Tom Ed & I), and because he thought of the 'day' when he passed & thought enough of us (even with all the family he has) to give us something to remember him by.......

I was also given a plant (pray that it lives) which has been named Tom Ed (of course)......*tear*

we then went to my Grannys & it was the trip to Wally world & a trip to her local grocery store. I'm so upset with my aunt & her children (grown) and how they will never do anything for Granny but are the first to line up to get money from her....(that's another story for another day).....Granny needed this day.....Dad said she had been crying a good bit of the week, and you could for sure tell that she had...........bless her heart...I hate they have hurt her like they not realize she's nearing 90?

anyway, I made her giggle, Supergirl made her giggle...and by the time we had her back home she was a lot better.