Wednesday, April 01, 2009

help me get help for my cousin with ALS

I have emailed Ellen this message

my cousin, Shelia, has ALS & she has just lost her Dad. She's very sick. I'm trying to get her help that I can. My Mom had the same disease & it's just eventually die from this disease, but only after it's tortured you as much as it can.

*edited out personal information*

she has moved into her Moms home & it's falling down around them. They need ramps & such for when Shelia needs them.

what would I have to do to get the money machine here for her? She's wanting to get funds together to help her treatments & I want to help.

*edited out personal information*

Shelia needs our help. She has no children (her only child died as a baby), and her hubby has been gone for years now. Her Dad died last week. I'm desperate to help her. As my Mom's favorite neice it's my job/duty/joy to help Shelia as much as I can.

She so needs a stimulus check. She needs a break. I'm not begging for me or my family...things will improve for us hopefully someday, but Shelia doesn't have all the time in the world.

thanks for reading this. I love your show & how you are so thoughtful to everyone. If you can't help Sheila, please let me know who I can contact. I'm so desperate to help her. I love her so.

please consider emailing Ellen about my cousin. She's in such need. Please? I'm begging for her.

click here to fill out the form.

surely we can at least get their home improved just a bit....if we all come together.

thanks ahead of time.