Sunday, March 22, 2009


I finished up the Belle Star hat, and I've decided I'm not a 'hat' person. I look terrible in that beautiful, I'm stashing it until I figure out what I want to do with the hat.
what's on the needles? I'm knitting myself a sock monkey. Why? Why not...? I belong to a funny group on raverly *yes, I'm still there on, I didn't get banned, etc*. They have the cutest sock monkeys in this particular group, so I decided I wanted to knit myself one.......the pattern I wanted to use cost money, so I'm just making this one up as I go along. I will worry about the head as I get up there, I'm only on the legs as of now. I've knitted more on them since these pics (I'm quite a few inches into them)......but started they have none the less. My sock monkey has no name yet.......
on the nails front........When my b'day approaced at the start of the year I looked at my bitten/picked hands & I said "I'M FED UP WITH THIS!" I mean, what if I died & people saw this narled up mess? SO, I decided (with Gods help) that I was going to try & break my habit that I've had for 39 years.......Thus far, no biting, etc. & I have what can only be described as almost long nails. They are well past my fingers & I'm just letting them grow because I don't know what else to do with them...LOL...learning to file them was an experience on it's on & how to care for a broken nail was funny feeling too.........I'm hoping & praying I've broke this nasty habit, we shall see......I'm just excited to have nails......and have hands I'm not ashamed of anymore.
we awoke this am to having sickies in this groom, and my children *and me a little bit too* were (and still are) feeling sick. We had such sickies that we didn't go to church.....yep. It was that bad.....I'm just glad I don't have to go anywhere feeling this bad.