Monday, March 23, 2009

my life in pictures

It's a beautful day, and here on my porch sits my short van seat. Yep. Van is no where to be found....and the seat is still there. Yep. I am living large in 'bama. This is so going back into the van as soon as my groom gets home.......true dat'

the pain of my existence. I'm sure you know what it is..but, I so want to do pull ups!

my Wonderboy.....he hates when I surprise him with pics
"Mom!!" Supergirl's shirt says "happy" but she's tired of all these pics..LOL
my Ezma kitteh. She's not this blurry in real life. What is so special about her? She has superpowers.......she cures depression in humans.

my little doggie. Oh it's embarrassing how much I love him & his little crooked ear. His name is Lil' Man, and he's the perfect dog....except he won't howl with me. When I try to howl he just looks at me like I'm insane & walks off. LOL

my Lucky Duck kitteh. She is the George Patton of kitties & doesn't like too many people. Oh, and I accidently shot her in the face forever ago (long story) can see it on her little lip....
okay, this may not seem like a big deal, but these are my little nails....oh yea. 39 years & I have them for the first time!
keeping up with my Macros like a PRO!
notice anything about this pot? is SO not left handed friendly.....I do everything with my left hand just about it, and this drives me crazy.....
see? It's printed on the other side....not a big deal when pouring, but it's aggrivating when having to make the pot of coffee. It's like when I started school & the teachers wouldn't allow me to write with my left teacher even tied it behind me to make me right with my right these days it wouldn't happen, but back all those years ago I guess my teachers thought left handed=evil or something...ahhh at least I can write with both hands, am I right? Or is it left? LOL LOL LOL
my sock monkey is coming right along.... ☺

this is kind of like 'thankful Thursday', but I'm doing it in pictures......hope you stick with me thru the year as this goes along. ☺


Mary said...

Nice pictures! NIce life! Congrats on the nails.

K said...

thanks ever so much, Mary!!!

Simply me said...

The photo of your cat made me smile. I do, have a cat who gives a similar look when she is displeaased :-)