Friday, March 06, 2009

angry rant dead ahead

I am going to break a spring. I swear I’m so upset.

okay, I originally tried to purchase books for my childrens curriculum & ‘got had’…..oh pay pal big deal.

well, they were going to put the money back onto my card…well, surprise they can’t because it was the original prepaid credit card from walmart.

so, I go to put on the card we just got in the mail from them & they said (pay pal) that it is denied from my cc company

I log onto my account (walmart) & guess what? All those attempts to verify (upon paypals request) took a whopping $5 from my card account & IT STILL didn’t get it verified.

all this on top of I found new books & the woman is waiting for my payment…..I’m gonna bust a gut. I’m so upset….

I don’t need this now. I so don’t need this.

I would send her a money order, but this is week 14 of my grooms unemployment (a whopping $215 we live off of a week), so that means we have to go a whole week NO money…so I can’t pay her.

I can’t remember the last time I was so upset.

I don’t need this! I have so much on me already……I mean come on……really????????????? REALLY????????????

how much more can I take? I’m already on my last lash here with all this worry & trying to balance rent, power bill, water bill, phone, etc. and not to mention feeding my 2 children that are my LIFE….like I need this….I swear. I mean come on. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

oh LORD! This is just crazy!

I am so mad