Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ahhhh meditation feels great.

there's something so Zen about working out & relaxing afterward that makes the world feel so much better, don't you agree?

I'm really looking forward to the down time tomorrow.....I will be away from the computer for a good bit of the day *as plans now stand* and I know that this "time out" is a very needed one because I, for one, have been getting way too heated/a.k.a. involved over certain nonsense on a certain site that I shall not now name. I need to have this because of how upset this has made me for my friends. I take my friendships seriously, and I hate seeing someone being 'mistreated' but I know this injustice will be taken care of, there's nothing more I can really do until another step is taken....everyone knows how I feel about it, so lets let me (and you) mosey along......until then.......until later....after all, it's just a website, and who cares how anyone feels/doesn't feel about me, etc. I'm seriously sick to death of it, and I just wish it had never happened to my friends (so many of them didn't deserve it), but my hands are really tied. I support them........I truly do support you all, and I hope each and everyone of you are cleared of any wrong doing because I know you did nothing to get this ban. I hate it for everyone involved.

as always, you know my email addy should there be anything I can do for you, as long as I can.....but due to the traffic that I've been getting from certain rubbernecking sites, I'm going to go rogue, go dark....keep quiet. Mosie along....there's nothing here to see.