Sunday, March 01, 2009

9th grade curriculum

I won an Ebay bid on an entire 9th grade curriculum for the kids next year in school. The bandit ran with the money & no books.I GOT HAD!

now, I'm having to search all over again....sure, Paypal says they will return my money *THANK YOU GOD!* but it wasn't that expensive, so I'm really really sad over this...with us surviving on $215 a week we don't have a LOT of money to go around...if anyone has any ideas for curriculum finds, etc.just let me know!thanks!


Anonymous said...

We recently went to Goodwill and found the motherload of of all motherloads. I was amazed at the books there and bought about $300 worth of books (if I'd bought them new) for only (get this) $18. Squeeee! You might try Unclaimed Baggage too, but their books are four times the price of Goodwill goodies.

K said...

I will for sure check them out when PayPal puts the money back into my account!

thanks for the suggestions, friend.