Thursday, February 19, 2009

reviews of my newest pattern books

this is my favorite new book! I love using 'thin/skinny' yarn & this is the first book I've owned that I may actually knit every pattern in it! :o) Plus I got it on sale at knitpicks :o). At first glance, it seems to be really well written & fully explains the good things that come from knitting with lighter weight yarns. Buy this book. Seriously.

I can't wait to get to knit out of this book! This book comes to me as a payment for some webwork that I did, and it was well worth the time! :o) I love the hats! A word to the wise, it may be hard to knit some of them if you are a beginning knitter & don't fully understand how to do shaping, etc. it's full of great pictures & I'm in love.

probably my least favorite of my new books. I purchased this book in hopes it would have patterns it in that would be more "body builder" friendly, as my husband has a body builder physique, and the normal patterns have to be basically reconstructed as I go. The book is written in large font, or the pages wouldn't nearly be 160! Be prepared, this book contains some chit chat. If I had the chance to do a "do over" I wouldn't purchase this book.

how do we describe a book we ♥ ? oh this book is so awesome! A word to the wise, don't make the mistake I did...these pattern sizes are MODERN, not vintage! The first thing I knitted for myself I thought it was vintage sizes & made it WAY too large. It is very well written.


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

The first book looks very nice and so does the second. I am an avid knitter with skinny yarn too--makes me think that if the item is knitted with thin yarn I won't look as bulgy (crazy me)

K said...

I can not compliment the first & second book enough, Isela! If you don't own them, you owe it to yourself to get them! OHHHH I love them!