Saturday, January 03, 2009

latest knitting project.

believe it or not......I'm knitting something for myself for a change....I know that usually I knit for others but after the cold reception of my knitted/sewn Christmas presents by members of my own family, I've decided to be a little 'stingy' when it comes to my crafts, and my time. I am not going to knit/sew anything for anyone for presents again. If we can't afford to buy them presents then we will just have to explain to them that the children come first...and we don't have the money to buy them anything. I refuse to have my feelings hurt/heart broken over how little someone likes what I've spent up to a month making...not again. Don't let me...

one of my Christmas presents is a book of Vintage Knitting Patterns. "Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters" by Lise-Lotte Lystrup. I decided to go 'easy' the first pattern out & am now attempting to knit the evening wrap. I've been knitting on it off and on since the 26th....I normally just do one project at a time (if I can possibly do that) so that the yarn I have here will last longer :o)......I am down to my last 12" (probably closer to 10) before I get to take it off the needles........I hope it fits. If it does I'm wearing it to church, unless it makes me look big as a house...KWIM?

I will post a pic of it whenever I get it off the needles. I am so happy to finally be making myself something. At least I know I will like it! :o)

I have got to finish up another top secret project that is due in February :o) I can't tell you what it is, but when it gets to be closer to time I will for sure put up teasers!

I also had my first 'try' to felting. OMBob it's the cutest thing ever! It's a project that is destined to be for something else, but it's so awesome I'm going to have to make something like that for myself.....*grins*...I don't want to felt everything I do, but I for sure want to make myself a felted purse :o) someday.......