Saturday, January 24, 2009

I, at the very least, can hope I'm wrong.

it has been such a busy week, I've not had much time to blog. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging about your life.......and who knows if anyone even reads my blog, after-all? My life isn't exciting (thank God) and I'm in no way, form, or fashion, rich or what COULD be the draw?

This past week also saw Obama being sworn in as President. It was a day for the family here to avoid all things TV, and instead read.......there's only so much of this rock star one can take. I've lived a long life & have never seen such...oh what's the word I'm looking for???...crap? go on for so long. One good thing about this election has been that the 'race' card should FOREVER be removed from the propaganda that some people try to stir into the political pot.....gone, also, should be the long misunderstood 'white guilt' that some whites have about other races as a whole. YIPEEE for equal rights.

After seeing what our newly elected president has decided to sign, I worry about our future as a country. Whats going to happen to those that are 'jailed' at Guantanamo Bay? Whats going to happen to the unborn children because of some of the things he's decided to back? Oh, humans that are alive have more rights than children yet to be born, huh? Is he in favor of infanticide? After reading what he's signed in relation to that, I worry. I, at the very least, can hope I'm wrong....

the thing about electing a president we know little about is that we know little about him. I will not bash him or anything, because that's not right (and I certainly don't want to go the way of the Bush haters), but I do feel like he should be held accountable to his public.........both born and unborn. IMHO.

I am glad that the festivities surrounding the newly elected president are offically over, and I hope that I don't continue to log onto yahoo & get the daily report of what he's doing...that makes for a long 4 years.

this stimulus package that he keeps talking about also has me worried.....where is it coming from, really??????And who is going to pay for it? Theres no magic pill that can make it go away, and he's certainly no Ronald Reagan, so I don't really know what he plans on doing to 'fix' what is wrong...hope is not a plan or course of action, hope is just hope.....

I do have one little hint for our President....please, please, please stop so much of the looking from side to side, and do more 'looking into our eyes' almost makes me sea sick to see him turning from one teleprompter to another to get his next sentence (he's not be such a great speaker without his teleprompter).

In 4 years, I hope that we are all doing well as a country & I certainly hope I have to 'eat my words' as they say.......and I will be ready to apologize for being wrong........I wonder if the country that elected him will be able to pay the price SHOULD I be right?

I, at the very least, can hope I'm wrong.