Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am very excited!

One day next week, the exercise DVD's will be here!!!!!! And guess what? Supergirl & Wonderboy are going to workout with me! :o) Since it's too cold for them to have 'PE' outside, they are going to get moving with me :o) I think that they will enjoy being able to 'move' around and it will mean them being more fit (right along with me)....

this week in school includes a test on The Constitution, and reports on Robert E. Lee (simply because Wonderboy was asking about him last week), they are also having spelling tests and have been assigned to read "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Call of the Wild." Then there will book reports from those books. The children are very happy that there's no diagramming sentences. :o)We already had 80 days under our belt before Christmas break, so we are 10 days ahead of our requirement :o) I'm hoping to get in 180-200 days this whole year, especially with Wonderboy scoring a grade ahead when he was tested at the board of education.

I have officially caught a cold. I feel terrible, and my throat/ears/head ache like no-bodys-business. ugggh.