Friday, December 05, 2008

SoAB, sure spoiled me!

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HERE!

I want to thank my spoiler from the bottom of my heart. I can tell from what you sent that you not only took an effort to send me things I'd like, you took an extra effort to remember my children....they are my heart & it tickled them to death, so it made me even happier!

This swap has been an education for sure for me. I never knew that people could receive packages in the way that my spoilee did, and I for sure didn't know that a spoiler could hit someone dead on the head right with what they sent! Girl, were you inside my head???

Not only did I scream with glee, but Supergirl & Wonderboy did too! I thought I would be strong enough to wait until Christmas so that I'd have something to open, but I COULDN'T!! I was so weak! And of course the children are like me they begged to open what she was thoughtful enough to send to them! (Did I mention how MUCH it means that you sent to them too???)

my Spoiler sent me so much, and left me notes too! It means more than I can say in my words that you took such time and put such effort into putting such a grand package to me!

my delicious goodness! Have I been good enough to be spoiled so? OHHHHHH

I will share!

YUUUMMM-O!!! AWESOME!!!!! My spoiler hit me dead to rights! It's like she really knows me in real life! You went above & beyond!!!!!!!!!

I'm not too much for getting my picture made, so I had Supergirl & Wonderboy to do the honors......they were more than happy to do so!











here's a list of what she sent......I KNOW she went WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over budget! *giggles* shame on you for spoiling me so!!!!!!!!!!!!
(thank you x's a million for being so thoughtful!)
here they are in no certain order
  • notecards (I need them for my ALS card sends!)
  • recipes (Jello-cookies & Puppy Chow)
  • Puppy Chow mix (I will try to be good & share)
  • stitch Markers (OMBob how beautiful!)
  • paperclips (oh my how I needed these!)
  • two different baggies of fiber!(I'm just starting to do this! How'd you know?)
  • candle (burning already!)
  • KITTY TOYS! (thank you for remembering my Ezma & Lucky!)
  • (2) skeins of rug yarn (for my charity work)
  • Yarntopia lace yarn(L A C E!!!! ME LIKE!!!)
  • Falling Water Lace Scarf pattern (*tear* just beautiful)
  • (4) packs of kool-aid (for my handdyed goodies!)
  • Disney cool splasher (kool-aid type)
  • Red Poppy Soap (smells so terrific!)
  • journal (MY OH MY!)
  • Ghirardelli cocoa (YUMMO)
  • Hershey Extra Dark Chocolate (6) HOW'D YOU KNOW THEY WERE OUR FAVS???
  • bamboo knitting needles (I've always wanted these & could never afford them!!!)

Supergirl was BLOWN AWAY!(thank you soooooooo much!)

  • Pony tail holders
  • journal/pen, etc.

(she giggled & jumped like it was the Jonas brothers or something!)

Wonderboy was OVER THE MOON!(thank you soooooo much!)

  • eraseable color pencils
  • drawing pad

(he loves to draw!! HE JUMPED like crazy because he was so happy!)


paganhomemaking said...

I'm so glad you liked everything!! I've been lurking on here not being able to post b/c I didn't want to give my secret away!

Kimbo said...

oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

oh my you don't know!!!!!

thank you so much!

you are such a great secret keeper!

KnitWit said...

Yay, I'm glad you got a great package! This reminds me that I need to share my swappy goodness on my own blog! Tomorrow! =)

The Ghirardelli cocoa mix looks fab, mint-chocolate is a great combo.

Your children are a hoot! Look at them modeling your gifts! lol

puggerhugger said...

hooray! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kids are cute, Kim. :)