Tuesday, December 30, 2008

proof I leave the house.

I went to the Ft. Payne Library today, and in all honesty the place is depressing sometimes. They don't have very many "newer" geography books (that you can check out), nor do they have any spinning books, or even recent knitting books. *depressing*!

I have spoken to them about loans from other libraries more than once & today one lady gave me a form to fill out & she sighed that this form would have to be filled out...and...then yelled at a kid that was running thru the library...and then sighed the rest of what she'd have to "go thru" to get these more recent books in there.

is it bad that I just wanted to walk behind the counter & do it myself? I hope not, because I did want to. She was already tired from running after these 2 children that belonged to someone that was on the 'puters that wouldn't even make them mind, to be able to help me really. Had it been me, I would have handled the whole problem by telling the parent if they couldn't get their children to behave they'd have to give up the rest of their time...since when did the library become a romper-room to run in & yell in anyway?

I roamed around the library for over an hour and only found 3 books worth bringing home today.

"Sweater Design in Plain English" written by Maggie Righetti
"Literature, An introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama" (interactive edition) written by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia
"Splendors of the Past, Lost Cities of the Ancient World"(prepared by National Geographic Society)
I was hoping to find books to change up what I'm teaching the children in our homeschool......the 2 last books are for that, okay...for me....but still...I'm claiming for that. LOL.......and it was really sad that I couldn't find a really good "world geography" book that could be checked out that was recent. Honestly, there were books there from the '70's......while I appreciate older books, there are some times that you want to have the latest/newest, especially when you are trying to teach.

while at the library, I copied off some patterns ($4.50 worth) from my Rav queue....because I have no printer here. I had thought about copying something off for homeschool, but the library had no color printers in use, and you really want 'colors' especially when doing school.....(maybe I'm just being a snob)...

then, I went by Dollar General and purchased a notebook to put my newly copied patterns in...there was a gentleman there that spoke to me, but for the life of me I can't place him. I figure I know him from church because...
1. I rarely go anywhere else
2. He called me Kim, something only my friends/people who really know me do because I have strangers call me Kimberly, I've always looked at "Kim" as a nickname, KWIM?
3. He knew I homeschool my children (who all knows that? only people at church, I'm sure! LOL).....

he made a big joke out of how I couldn't remember him.......I mean, I feel terrible.......