Thursday, December 04, 2008

please pray for a sister at the homeschool lounge!


please pray!

Below you will find a recent email from one of our Lounge Sisters, Trina. Please keep her, her familyand the Doctors in your prayers!Her Nook~ & Blessings,TianyDear Family and Friends,Let me just tell all that God is in Control and I rest along with my family in His arms right now. . . I praise Him, for He has known of this day and the results long before I knew. He also knows what each coming day will bring. Here is where I find my comfort . . . .We did find out that I do have CANCER.! The past 11 days it has felt as if my home has come to a compleat stop, as we have waited and prayed for the results.The cancer I have is called Adenocarcinoma Cervical Cancer.Here is your science lesson for the day :)Invasive cervical cancer accounts for six percent of all cancers that afflict women in the United States. About 16,000 cases of invasive carcinoma of the cervix are diagnosed in the United States each year . Over 90 percent of cervical carcinomas start in the surface cells lining the cervix and are called squamous cell carcinoma. About 5 to 9 percent start in glandular tissue (adenocarcinoma). Adenocarcinomas are more difficult to diagnose, but they are treated the same way as squamous cell carcinomas and the survival rate, stage for stage, is similar.There are several types of adenocarcinoma. About 60 percent are the endocervical cell type, 10 percent each are of endometrioid and clear cell carcinomas, and 20 percent are adenosquamous carcinoma.The pathologist confirmed that the cancer was through the whole tissue sample he had and has sent the tissue sample to another pathalogist who speciality is Adenocarcinoma Cervical Cancer. We should know the results on Friday.Doctor Sinclair believes that I am in late stage IB or stage IIA. Both of these have a 95% survival rate. She has refer me to Dr.Jacqueline C. Castagno, Gynecologic Oncology. Where we will most likely have a CT scan done and then decide what our next step will be. Dr. Sinclair has order me to continue to take it easy right now. Let Tom do most of the running around and for me to rest as I continue to recover from this past surgery.What we need most right now is your prayers. . .Please pray that Dr. Castagno can get me in as soon as possible.Please pray that when I do have the CT scan it is clear in showing all areas that are infective with the cancer.Please pray for Dr. Castagno as she reviews the results and guides us on the right path in treating/ removing the cancer.When we know more . . . We are going to need help and we will let you know when that time comes. We love you all so much and thank you for your support over the past few weeks.